Campus Facilities

SNU Facilities

The Sister Nivedita University has one of the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities on the campus. The University is equipped with Electronics Laboratory, Communication Systems Laboratory, Virtual Instrumentation and Signal Processing Laboratory, Dynamics Laboratory and many more which are necessary for the respective departments along with modern computer clusters. These laboratories assist in imparting practical training to students and reinforcing their theoretical concepts. It also makes the University a veritable place for learning and research, while the systematically designed curriculum and qualified dedicated faculty members make it a dynamic place to study. The undergraduate curriculum at SNU also places heavy emphasis on experiential learning and co-curricular activities with all students having to participate in some form of internship, practicum or service learning programme in addition to conducting research both within and outside the classroom/laboratory setting. This provides students a real-world context for their learning along with subject matter expertise and broad-based education.

Teaching and Research

High quality academic programs taught by world-class researchers and teachers. Our real-world approach to research influences our teaching and research supervision. Our broad range of academic offering provides students with opportunities to work alongside industry partners.


A beautiful campus with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, and a culture that encourages innovation through strong digital connectivity and industry connectedness.
The University smart classrooms are well equipped with ergonomic and sophisticated infrastructure for a wholesome learning environment. Digital learning and smart board are integral features of the University classrooms.
The University has well equipped independent laboratories (for example; research lab, computer lab, etc.) to engage the faculty and students to enhance the teaching – learning process through specialised technical and practical training.
The University has a beautifully designed air-conditioned Auditorium and Seminar Hall for various events and for celebrating events of national and international importance.
Cafeteria/Canteen facility for the students and faculty consists of healthy home cooked items. SNU believes in maintain a hygienic and healthy atmosphere for the children and staff members.

SNU Faculty

SNU offers high quality academic programs taught by world-class researchers and teachers. The faculty members identify the innate capabilities of the students and intensify them with their expertise, making them corporate ready by the time they graduate. The University gives the students a platform to learn, innovate & flourish in their area of interest.Our broad range of academic offering provides students with opportunities to work alongside industry partners.

Transport Facility

SNU transport services (SNU Bus) have a well planned route covering all the parts of the city. All the buses are equipped with a first aid kit and the students shall be accompanied by a helper throughout the journey. We encourage the parents to choose SNU’s smooth, safe and convenient transport facilities for their children.


BUS NO. WB 19H 7271
Mob : 7890903403 / 7550984834

Pickup Spot Arrival Time Fees
BALLY HALT 6.25 AM 3500/-
DUNLOP 6.35 AM 3500/-
BIRATI MORE 6.50 AM 3500/-
AIRPORT 1 NO. 6.53 AM 3500/-
KAIKHALI MORE 6.55 AM 3000/-
HALDIRAMS 6.57 AM 3000/-
TEGHORIA 7.00 AM 3000/-
KESTOPUR 7.05 AM 3000/-
BANGUR 7.07 AM 2500/-
LAKE TOWN 7.10 AM 2500/-
HUDCO MORE 7.15 AM 2500/-
APPOLLO 7.20 AM 2500/-
CENTRAL PARK 7.28 AM 2500/-
KARUNAMAYEE 7.30 AM 2500/-
WIPRO 7.32 AM 2500/-
NARKELBAGAN 7.37 AM 2500/-
HOSTEL ( BOYS ) 7.42 AM 2500/-
S.N.U. 7.45 AM 2500/-

BUS NO. WB 19H 2815
Mob : 9051907557 / 9804726598

Pickup Spot Arrival Time Fees
MANTON 6.37 AM 3500/-
14 NO BUS STAND 6.38 AM 3500/-
TARATALA 6.40 AM 3500/-
P.A. SHAH ROAD 6.53 AM 3500/-
DHAKA KALI BARI 6.55 AM 3500/-
LORDS MORE 6.57 AM 3500/-
SOUTH CITY 6.58 AM 3500/-
GOAL PARK 7.05 AM 3000/-
GARIAHAT 7.06 AM 3000/-
ACROPOLISH 7.13 AM 3000/-
RUBY 7.15 AM 3000/-
VIP BAZAR 7.17 AM 3000/-
SCIENCE CITY 7.20 AM 3000/-
WIPRO FLYOVER 7.29 AM 2500/-
TECHNOPOLIS 7.31 AM 2500/-
NEWTOWN ( DLF-1 ) 7.33 AM 2500/-
HOSTEL ( GIRLS ) 7.35 AM 2500/-
S.N.U. 7.45 AM 2500/-