The SNUies

Aritra Basu Roy

Student - SNU
Dept. of Mass Comm. & Journalism
"I’ve always believed that college life is the best phase in one’s life! That’s when we start to steer the direction of our career, realize goals, weave dreams, gear up for the upcoming responsibilities and challenges, and aspire to achieve excellence in life.

At SNU, I encountered officials, professors and staff members who would guide me throughout my journey. I’ve felt that there’s an amalgamation of learning, lore, culture and fun in my university. Also, the wide range of national and international collaborations provides exposure, and an excellent scope for industry interface.

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about being a part of the first batch. However, from what I’ve witnessed I can proudly claim that I’ve chosen the best. I take immense pride to be the ‘first forever’ at SNU, and I’m glad to be offered amazing opportunities to create my own journey and the legacy I wish to leave behind.”