Q) How many application forms can one fill while applying for various programs at SNU?

Ans) A student can apply for any program in SNU one at a time, subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

Q) Can a student apply for the course before the declaration of the board exam results?

Ans) Yes, an applicant can do so.

Q) Is there any entrance examination for which the applicant needs to appear?

Ans) The university conducts an entrance test ‘SNUET’ whose results are considered cumulatively with the board examination marks during the admission procedure.

Q) Are there any scholarships for which a student can apply?

Ans) There are a number of scholarships which the university grants to the deserving students. For more details visit the “scholarship programs” section in the SNU website.

Q) Does the university have accommodation facility for students?

Ans) Yes, the university does have a hostel accommodation facility, which is gender segregated. The hostel is maintained by professional housekeeping and maintenance agencies.

Q) Is university campus visit allowed prior to taking admission?

Ans) Yes, on campus visit is allowed prior to taking admission. One can also take a virtual tour by watching the videos uploaded on the university Facebook page.

Q) Does the university have any sports, gym and fitness facility?

Ans) SNU has a well-equipped gym and fitness facility. Sports activities are highly encouraged. Yoga and meditation are taught at the yoga centre by a professional trainer.

Q) Does SNU offer summer project opportunities to students from other universities and colleges?

Ans) Yes, there is a scope of doing summer projects and short term-training in various disciplines, at our university.

Q) Can a student apply for PhD at SNU?

Ans) Depending on the program the student is interested in he may contact the Head of the respective Department for pursuing PhD at SNU

Q) Is the university campus free from ragging?

Ans) SNU campus is free from ragging. A number of anti-ragging measures are in place to ensure strict compliances.

Q) Does the university offer a transport facility to students?

Ans) SNU bus services are available which have a well-planned route covering all the parts of the city.

Q) Is there a provision for international student exchange programs?

Ans) The university has a very active International Affairs division which strongly encourages student exchange programs with universities abroad.

Q) Is any training giving to students planning to appear for the various competitive exams like NET (National Eligibility Test)?

Ans) The syllabus of the various programs in our university is designed exclusively keeping in mind the national level competitive examinations.

Q) How are students aspiring to go abroad for further studies trained?

Ans) Foreign Language is an integral part of the course curriculum at SNU which provides the students interested in going abroad with an upper hand.

Q) Will the COVID-19 pandemic adversely affect the education system?

Ans) At our university all measures are taken to ensure that the education is not hampered. Theory classes are conducted online on a regular basis and virtual labs facilitate the demonstration of practicals.

Q) What is the academic calendar for the university?

Ans) The academic year usually runs from August through May with breaks for holidays.

Q) Are there any restrictions regarding the attendance at the university?

Ans) As per the rules of our university, 75% attendance is compulsory in order to appear for the final semester examinations.