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Satyam Roychowdhury began his journey more than three decades ago. When all his friends were busy trying to find a job, he decided to do what most Bengalis find difficult to do. He decided to venture into the uncertain world of business. There was a dearth of private engineering colleges in West Bengal at that time. As a result, many meritorious students relocated to other states for higher studies. This was resulting in a brain drain of the state. Unsure about what the outcome of the venture would be, he tried with whatever precious little resource he had. There were hurdles, there were hardships and days of ordeal, but he was determined. Along the way, his efforts were complimented by his family, nourished by his group of friends and made meaningful by thousands of students that made Techno India Group their institution of choice. He considers learning to be a lifelong process and firmly believes that those who have been milestones on his way are the reasons for this successful journey. For him, amidst all the complexities of life, there is an endearing lesson to be learned from the simplicity of familial love, their constant support and encouragement.

His innate literary urge has taken him round the world in quest of new experiences and unexplored frontiers. Travelling has helped him know the world and different eras of literature more. Being a tireless passionate traveller, he has discovered the globetrotter within.

To him, this one lifetime that we have isn't enough to explore every nook of this planet. He wishes to live a life beyond time, as quoted by Abraham Lincoln –

“...And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”


Sister Nivedita University is a dynamic organization with a primary focus on reaching excellence in research oriented education. As a group, we sincerely believe that India’s comparative advantage in the global economy lies in education and its assimilation with the globalization process has challenged us to offer programmes in tune with the current changing needs of the society. In order to meet these challenges, we plan to strengthen our academic curriculum and course offerings maintaining our core ethics and values. A close inspection of our programmes in respectable degrees in different disciplines to invest enormously in creating efficient professional human resources will reflect this truth.

We emphasise on squarely building on the strength we have in the academic sector to help them flourish in their future endeavours. All our core initiatives in the non academic corporate sectors have been designed to complement our academic programmes where students can find internship, practical training and job placements after graduation or in areas that allow us to vertically integrate with our strength in education. Our corporate focus has been and will be to provide quality industrial, technological and business oriented solutions to our entire team.

SNU’s initiatives have the unflinching commitment to quality and that would remain our over arching strength. We will continue to evolve with the needs of the time and strive for a perfect today and a better tomorrow. Please join us to be the best in everything we strive for.

Satyam Roychowdhury
Mr. Satyam Roychowdhury
Sister Nivedita University
Message from the Vice Chancellor

Sister Nivedita (nee Margaret Noble) studied in the field of education. She became acquainted with the ideas of the Swiss education reformer Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and with the German Friedrich Froble both of whom had opined that education should begin by gratifying and cultivating the normal aptitude of the child for exercise, play, observation, imitation, and construction. She started her own independent school at Kingsleygate. As she gained mastery as an educator, she also became a prolific writer in paper and periodicals and a popular speaker. The Times of London of 26 October 1911, wrote about her, "A trained teacher of exceptional gifts, she was one of a group of educationists who in the early nineties founded the Sesame Club." Famous writers, such as Bernard Shaw and Thomas Huxley, were some of the regular speakers at the Sesame Club. Discussions were held here on literature, ethics, politics, and other similar subjects.

Her forte was her fierce love from freedom and a quest for quenching her thirst of knowledge which made her champion the cause of movement against the Irish Home Rule Bill that was sought to be introduced by the Parliament in great Bitain. It was the same quest that drew her to her Master who christened her Nivedita (Sister Nivedita). Search for truth made Margaret take up the study of natural science. Later, in a lecture delivered at the Hindu Ladies' Social Club in Bombay in 1902, she said: During the seven years of wavering it occurred to me that in the study of natural science I should surely find the Truth I was seeking. So I began ardently to study how this world was created and all things in it and I discovered that in the laws of Nature at least there was consistency, but it made the doctrines of the Christian religion seem all the more inconsistent. Just then I happened to get a life of Buddha and in it I found that here also was a child who lived ever so many centuries before the Child Christ, but whose sacrifices were no less self-abnegating than those of the other. This dear child Gautama took a strong hold on me and for the next three years I plunged into the study of the religion of Buddha, and became more and more convinced that the salvation he preached was decidedly more consistent with the Truth than the preachings of the Christian religion. While in India Sister Nivedita was in touch with members of Anushilan Samiti, whose struggle for freedom movement rang a sympathetic node in the minds of this young lady. However one of the major contributions of her was in text editing manuscripts of one of the foremost of Indian scientist Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose.

For her,…. To not a few of us, the words of Swami Vivekananda came as living water to men perishing of thirst. Many of us had been conscious for years past of that growing uncertainty and despair with regard to Religion, which has beset the intellectual life of Europe for half a century. Belief in the dogmas of Christianity had become impossible to us, and we had no means, such as we now hold, by which to separate the doctrinal shell from the kernel of reality in our faith. To these the Vedanta has given intellectual confirmation and philosophical expression of their own mistrusted intuitions.

This is our patron saint at Sister Nivedita University, where we propose to fully implement the freedom of choice of study to our young graduates whose mind can soar the blue sky of an enlightened world where knowledge would not be held captive in the shackles of enforced division in studying Nature at its magnificent splendor. We want education to be full of enjoyment and fun and not a meaningless chore which drove away the great poet Tagore from ‘Normal School’.

Let us all begin a journey in the search of truth where like the great sages at Nalanda University education would be based on a dialogue and discourse and would not fritter away the bubbling enthusiasm of young ignited mind into rote memory.


Prof. Ashoke Ranjan Thakur

Vice Chancellor, Sister Nivedita University