International Affairs

International Affairs

SNU welcomes and would love to host international students of all faiths and ethnicity. We will make sure you get all the support you need throughout your journey with us to make the most of your student experience. SNU will offer special guidance to help you tailor your learning experience and to achieve to the very best of your abilities. Contact us for information regarding fees, accommodation and other queries.

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Dr. Summauli Pyne


Sister Nivedita University and Techno India Group

Dr. Summauli Pyne is the Director for Global Affairs, International Relations & Outreach of Sister Nivedita University and Techno India Group, with a vision to promote Techno India Group across the globe, enhance knowledge collaboration and partnerships with Institutes & researchers of International repute & esteem for the mutual benefit of the academic fraternity for the world at large. Her Ph.D is on Transcendental Leadership & Social Responsibility: Management Insights from Indian Philosophy & Spirituality. She is associated with various Corporate & Industry, Universities and other Educational Institutes of repute across the globe as lead trainer, academic advisor and expert faculty in Leadership Studies, Spirituality in Business Management Studies, Indian philosophy & It’s Teaching in interdisciplinary & diversified areas of study, Sustainability & Stress Management, Cross-Cultural Communications, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Global Invited Talks in Symposiums, Seminars and Conferences:
  • Invited speaker at 1st International Symposium jointly organized by Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) and National Research Centre (NRC) of Egypt; August 2020 Topic: “COVID 19 and the Need of Value Based, Transformative and Authentic Leadership with Special Focus on Education Fraternity”
  • Invited speaker at 11th International Symposium and SAKURA Science Plan organized by Okayama University, Japan; January 2020 Topic: “A General Overview of the Need of Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Perspective”
  • Invited speaker at Okayama University of Science, January 2020 Topic: “The need of Cross-Culture Studies in Today’s World”
  • Invited Speaker at Nagasaki Wesleyan University, Japan, January 2020 Topic: “Traditional Management Concepts and the Evolution of Indian Management Ethos for Future”
  • Invited speaker at Beijing Language & Culture University, December 2019 Topic: “Interdisciplinary Aspect of Language and Culture: The Importance of Language and Culture Studies in 21st Century”
  • Invited speaker at Beijing Foreign Studies University, December 2019 Topic: “Globalization of Education and the Importance of Studying Foreign Languages”
  • Beijing Normal University, December 2019 Topic: “The Need for Cross-Culture Studies in Leadership”
  • Junhsue Group, December 2019 Topic: “The Importance of Globalization in Higher Education”
  • Beijing Chamber of Commerce China, December 2019 Topic: “Global Business & International Networking”
  • Invited speaker at University of Valladolid, Spain, May 2019 Topic: “The Prophet and the Poet: A Critical Insight of the Indian Philosophy & Teaching”
  • Invited speaker at Complutense University of Madrid, May 2019 Topic: “Leadership in Action: Effective Leadership Style in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)”
  • Invited talk at Royal University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, September 2018 Topic: “The Significance of Globalization in Higher Studies”
  • Invited speaker at Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology, China, May 2018 Topic: “Indian Values and Ethics in Education”
  • Invited talk at Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technology, China, May 2018 Topic: “Globalization in Education”
  • U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) Awardee, sponsored by U.S. Government; March-April 2018 Theme of the Programme: Furthering the U.S.-India Relationship through Higher Education
  • Invited talk at ISEP, France, January 2018 Topic: “Delegation & Empowerment- Prime Components of Effective Leadership”
  • Invited talk at ESIGELEC, France, January 2018 Topic: “Change Management and its Impact in Education Fraternity”
  • Management Development Workshop at Growth Leadership Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal; June 2017 Topic: Strategic Leadership
Sister Nivedita University International Affairs Director