Political Science

Political Science

The Department of Political Science at Sister Nivedita University aims at providing indepth understanding of the politico-social, politico-economic, geo-political and geo-strategic issues in global affairs. It enlightens the students about the structure and functioning of different types of government and through the comparative study of different constitutions it attempts to help the students to nurture various theoretical perceptions and values. Through the process of observation, experimentation, analysis and interpretation it seeks to guide the students to draw a parallel between theory and practice. The students through the study of this course will acquire the ability to comprehend the current happenings with rationality and reasoning.  Thus  the research aptitude of the students will get enriched.



 It aims to be one of the leading centres of learning steered towards providing a dynamic and transformative education.

To enrich innovative ideas, knowledge, new vistas of developmental  possibilities for society

To build leaders, responsible citizens, rational minds to expand the domain of national, regional, international equations through collaborative ventures.


To establish an environment that will foster the generation of new ideas, research aptitudes and schloarship opportunities from which the leaders of tomorrow will flourish

To enlighten the students about the needs of society through meticulous, austere and competent academic ambience

Through the nurtuting of talents and innovative thoughts the problems encountered at the national and international levels are to be addressed

To collaborate with other academic and research institutes to strengthen the education and research domains.


It has technologically equipped classrooms and library with adequate resources and academic facilities for the students

CoursesYearsSemesterEligibility CriteriaMarks Required
B.A. (Political Science) (Honours / Honours with Research)48Passed/Appeared in 10 + 2 (Stream: Any Stream)50%
M.A. (Political Science)24Passed/Appeared B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science50%
Prof. Sanchari Chakraborty

Assistant Professor & HOD - Political Science

Pursuing Ph.D from the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, M.Phil. from Jadavpur University

Email: sanchari.c@snuniv.ac.in

Prior to joining the department of Political Science at Sister Nivedita University in the Autumn of 2021, I had been engaged in various teaching assignments at the undergraduate level in the University of Calcutta and West Bengal State University. In the course of these assignments, I taught papers on political theory, international relations and Indian politics and society. Starting in 2022, I am pursuing a Ph.D from the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata, where I am researching the ways in which the twin forces of hunger and scarcity shaped West Bengals post-colonial landscape. I have completed my postgraduate degree in political science from Presidency University, Kolkata and thereafter, I went on to Jadavpur University to pursue my M.Phil. My M.Phil. research investigated the Election Commission of India, its interface with the judiciary and civil society in India and the shaping of the ‘postcolonial voter’ in India. Earlier, my masters level research explored the links between the modern state India, education and citizenship construction. In broad terms, my areas of research interest include: political theory, Indian government and politics, global politics and public policy. I have qualified UGC-NET for the position of Assistant Professor in July 2019.

Soumya Saha

Assistant Professor - Political Science

Pursuing PhD from WBNUJS, Kolkata.

Email: soumya.s@snuniv.ac.in

Soumya Saha is currently pursuing his PhD at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS), Kolkata. Prior to joining Sister Nivedita University, he has gathered the experience of teaching Political Science papers as a Guest Lecturer in the Department of Law, University of Calcutta, and as a Junior Research Fellow in WBNUJS, Kolkata. He is the founder of the social media academic platform, eSpartacus, which focuses on organizing and conducting academic interviews of scholars, writers and administrators, on issues concerning politics and society. He has also worked as a Research Investigator in the Research Project on “Discoursing the Homeless Elderly: Tropes, Desires and Containment” sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). His research interests include Citizenship Law, Indian Politics and Political Theory, on which he has presented and written papers, book reviews and book chapters.

Sharmin Chowdhury

Visiting Faculty - Political Science

pursuing PhD on the applicability of International Humanitarian Law to Non- International Armed Conflicts from Diamond Harbour Womens University

Email: sharminchowdhury555@gmail.com

Sharmin Chowdhury, a Visiting Faculty in the Department of Political Science has completed her M.Phil in Political Science from Jadavpur University on the topic 'Atrocity crimes and the Responsibility to Protect.' She is currently pursuing PhD on the applicability of International Humanitarian Law to Non- International Armed Conflicts from Diamond Harbour Women's University. An erudite scholar of International Relations, her areas of research includes Atrocity crimes, International Criminal Law and Refugee crisis. She has worked as RUSA Project Assistant in Jadavpur University on the "Issues in Global South: Eastern Perspectives", and has actively participated in National and International Seminars and conferences on her interest areas.

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CoursesFee During Admission (Including 1st Semester Fee / 1st installment for annual scheme)Fee 2nd semester / 2nd installment onwardsProgram Fees Total
B.A. (Political Science) (Honours / Honours with Research)6275026750250000
M.A. (Political Science)6450028500150000


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